Winter is coming!  Bet you wish you had a warm garage to work on that automotive project?   Well... Now "U-Doo"

Take on an automotive project bigger than you expected and wish you had the proper tools?   Well...  Now "U-Doo"

U-Doo Self Service Garage


U-Doo Self Service Garage

U-Doo Self Service Garage


Everything from vehicle lifts to tool rental


U-Doo offers a heated and cooled environment, Certified Mechanic advice/assistance, complete tool rental, lift rental for both vehicles and motorcycles, welder rental, torch rental, and non-lift bays. 


Can't drive your Vehicle to the garage?  No problem! 

U-Doo offers a pickup & delivery service.


Closed Mondays

Tues - Fri: 9am - 7pm

Sat: 9am - 7pm

Sun: 9am - 6pm


U-Doo Self Service Garage

2007 Manufacturing Ct.

Clinton, IA 52732